FW Harvey and Leonard Clark; a Friendship Remembered in Stories and Verse

Tuesday 16th October 2012; 7.30 pm, Railway Inn, Station Road, Newnham on Severn

Will Harvey was a formative influence on Leonard Clark, inspiring and mentoring him to write his own poems and books. Clark’s first book of poems published in 1919 owed much to the style and interests of his tutor. His attitude to poetry and writing mirrored Harvey’s in that he believed it was a vehicle to personal growth and happiness and an important part of the formal education process. Clark became a noted educationalist, producing anthologies of poems for schools and guiding how literature and poetry should be taught in schools nationally.

The first half of the evening at the Railway discussed the common threads that linked the two poets and shed some light on Clark’s distinguished career and contribution to poetry and education. The second was an open floor for readings of Clark and Harvey poems that members most enjoy.

Appreciation of the literature was of course aided by access to the Railway’s remarkable range of cider and snacks.

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