F W Harvey Poetry Anthologies

Will Harvey has had nearly 400 poems published. Thirty-six of his poems have appeared in anthologies, including general anthologies, war anthologies, children’s anthologies, nature anthologies and animal anthologies.

We are trying to identify all of the anthologies containing Harvey poems.

This is work in progress so if you know of any others please let us know: Contact Us

Anthologies we have found to date:

  • Adshead Gladys L. and Duff, Annis (eds.)
    An Inheritance of Poetry – A Collection of English and American Poetry for all Moods and all Ages. Houghton Mifflin Co, Boston, Massachusetts (1948)
  • Baggot, Doris Irma (ed.)
    The Sun Beats Down –An Anthology of Verse
    Schofield & Sims, Huddersfield (1960)
  • Barnes, Derek Gilpin (ed.)- illustrated by Kathleen Gardiner
    Lords of Life. An Anthology of Animal Poetry of the Last Fifty Years.
    Rich and Cowan, London (1946)
  • BBC Radio 4
    Poetry Please!
    BBC Radio 4 Orion (2002)
  • Bond, Geoffrey, and White, L F W (eds.)
    The Wayfarer Books part 5- The End of the Way
    Blackie and Sons (1963)
  • Brereton, Frederick (ed.) An Anthology of War Poems W Collins Sons and Co (1930)
  • Doyley, Elizabeth (ed.) Modern Poetry Edwin Arnold (1930)
  • Fleishman, Seymour (ed.) Faith is a Family Affair Seabury Press, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA (1957)
  • Fowler, Ethel L. (ed.) For Your Delight – An Anthology for Children , Faber & Faber (1952)
  • Fowler, Ethel L. (ed.)The Daffodil Poetry Book Sidgwick and Jackson, London (1920)
  • Frewin , Leslie (ed.) The Poetry of Cricket Macdonald and Co, London (1964)
  • Gardener, Brian forward by Edmund Blunden (ed.) Up The Line To Death – the War Poets 1914-1918 Methuen (1964)
  • Giddings, Robert (ed.)The War Poets –The Lives and Writings of the 1914-1918 War Poets ,Bloomsbury Publishers, London (1988)
  • Haddow, Alexander and Kerr, William H (eds.) Off the Ground- An Anthology of Poetry iii, Robert Gibson and sons (1935)
  • Hamilton, George Rostrevor & John Arlott (eds.) Landmarks. A Book of Topographical Verse for England and Wales. Cambridge University Press (1943)
  • Hill, Wentworth and Wood, Henry George (eds.)The Land of Poetry Volume 4 James Nisbet and Co. Ltd (1930)
  • Humphreys , William Glynn & Parry, J. P.(eds.) On Wings Of Verse-Book 4- Anthology of Poetry for Children of Secondary School Age, Book 3 – Above The Clouds , Blackie (1959)
    Hussey, Maurice (ed.) Poetry of the First World War, Longman (1967)
  • Kellow, Brian and Krisak, John (eds.)Poetry and Language McGraw-Hill Ryerson School (1983)
  • Larkin, Philip (ed.)The Oxford Book of Twentieth Century English Verse Oxford University Press, (1973)
  • Lehman, John (ed.)The English Poets of the First World War, Thames and Hudson (1981)
  • MacBain , Jeannie Murray (ed.)The Book of a Thousand Poems for the Young and Very Young , Evans Bros (1950)
  • Mais, Stuart Petre Brodie (ed.) A Cluster of Grapes –My Anthology : W. Heineman London/Toronto (1941)
  • Mason, Kenneth A (ed.) An Anthology of Animal Poetry Pelican Books (1940)
  • Moughton, William J. (ed.) Good Company Poetry – A Collection Of Verse In Five Volumes (Vol. 5) Davis and Moughton Ltd, Birmingham (1928)
  • Moult, Thomas Best Poems 1922 Granger Poetry Library (1923)
  • Moult, Thomas Best Poems 1924 Granger Poetry Library (1925)
  • Moult, Thomas Best Poems 1925 Granger Poetry Library (1926)
  • Noakes, Vivien (ed.) Voices of Silence –The Alternative Book of First World War Poetry, Sutton Publishing, Stroud Glouc. (2006)
  • Oliphant, Lancelot (ed.) The Kern book of Prose and Verse Gregg Pub. Co – USA, Canada (1930)
  • Osborn, Edward Boland (ed.) The Muse in Arms , John Murray, London (1917)
  • http://www.firstworldwar.com/poetsandprose/mia_intro.htm Parfitt, George English Poetry of the First World War, Contexts and Themes Harvester Wheatsheaf (1990)
  • Parker, Ernest Walker (ed.)The Poets Way Longmans (1936)
  • Parsons, I.M. (ed.) Men Who Marched Away. Poems of the First World War, Heineman, London (1965)
  • Pickles, Wilfred (ed.) For Your Delight: A Personal Selection of Poetry for All Occasions W H Allen (1960)
  • Pitt, Frances Birds in Britain Macmillan and Co, London (1948)
  • Quiller Couch, Arthur Thomas (ed.) The King’s Treasuries of Literature J.M. Dent and Sons (1931)
  • Richards, Edith R. (ed.) Inner Light – A Devotional Anthology George Allen and Unwin (1931)
  • Rhys Jones, Griff (ed.) The Nations Favourite Poems BBC Worldwide Ltd (1996)
  • Roberts, Denys Kilham (ed.) The Centuries Poetry Volume 5 – Bridges to the Present Day , Penguin (1938)
  • Schauffler, Robert Haven (ed.) The Poetry Cure – A Pocket Medicine Chest of Verse Dodd Mead and Company New York (1927)
  • Sheppard, Hugh Richard Lawrie and Marshall, Howard Perciva (eds.) Fiery Grains – Thoughts and Sayings for Some Occasions, Longmans Green and Co. (1928)
  • Spencer, Malcolm (ed.)Vitality Student Christian Movement Press (1931)
  • Sussams, T. W. & W. E. Jarrett (ed.) Modern Verse for Town Boys and Girls Oxford University Press (1934)
  • The English Association Poems of Today – second series Sidgwick And Jackson (1922)
  • Trotter, Jacqueline (ed.) Valour and Visions – Poems of the War 1914 -1918 Longman Green , London, New York (1920)
  • http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924027944358/cu31924027944358_djvu.txt
  • Walter, George (ed.) The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry Penguin Books (2006)
  • Wetherell, James Elgin (ed.) Later English Poems 1901-1922 , McClelland Toronto, (1922)
  • http://www.archive.org/details/laterenglishpoem00wethuoft
  • Willard, Barbara (ed.) Field and Forest – Anthology Kestrel Books (1975)
  • Wilson, Richard (ed.) Poets Calling Rhythm & Rhyme III – A Book of Verses for Young Children which can be Broadcast without a Wireless Set- Thomas Nelson & Sons, Ltd., London (1933)
  • Wood, Henry George and Hill, Wentworth (eds.) The Heritage of English Poetry iii James Nisbet and Co (1931)

List compiled by Teresa Davies – December 2011.