F W Harvey Stand at Yorkley Community Centre.

Steve took the society stand to a Fun Day event at Yorkley Community Centre and there were lots of different organisations present.

The F W Harvey display was placed close to the Foresters Forest Blue plaque, awarded earlier this year.

Steve answered questions about F W Harvey’s connection with Yorkley and the general area.

Members view the Severn Bore at Minsterworth

Members view the Bore and listen to F W Harvey recitals.

Members met to watch a three star Severn Bore sweep up the river at Minsterworth on Sept 2nd 2019. The river Severn features in several of Harvey’s poems.
Poems were recited on the riverback, in the churchyard and inside the church where the F W Harvey memorial window was viewed. Finally a visit was made to Bill Pugh’s cider barn to view the equipment and hear further poems.

F W Harvey Yorkley village walk June 2019

Members took part in a walk around the village of Yorkley with poems recited at appropriate locations.
The photo shows chairman Steve Cooper reading Forest Offering at the cenotaph in Yorkley.

Marie reads His Own Dear Land

Marie reads His Own Dear Land

Marie read His Own Dear Land with the Cotswolds across the river Severn in the distance.

A photo Steve and a tree on Cut and Fry Green
Tree on Cut and Fry Green

Steve reads Incidental on the cricket pitch at Cut and Fry Green. The cricket ground has been fenced off to protect it from feral boar.

A photo on the Yorkley village walk June 2019
Yorkley village walk June 2019

Geoff, Steve, Marie and Dave during the walk.