Bibliography of F.W. Harvey related publications

Bibliography of F.W. Harvey’s published works

On 5th November 2011 Forest Books (Douglas McLean Publishing) launched F. W. Harvey: Selected Poems, edited by Anthony Boden and R.K.R. Thornton. The book includes a CD of all 64 poems that are in the book. Recorded by professional actors, the CD includes five rare BBC archive recordings from 1938 of F.W. Harvey reading his own poems.
In July 2010 Forest Books (Doug McLean Publishing) produced a new edition of Comrades in Captivity, the only published book of prose by Will Harvey.
The book, which was launched at the Forest Bookshop Coleford, is a reflection by Will Harvey on his time in seven different PoW camps after capture in 1916, his internment in Holland in 1918 and return home to his beloved Gloucestershire. It contains a remarkably worldly view of prevailing political thought and Will Harvey’s meditations on humour, injustice and the need for a post-war ‘New England’. See Harvey Society Shop
The following, including books of verse and a war memoir, have been published:

  • A Gloucestershire Lad At Home and Abroad (Sidgwick & Jackson 1916;
    re-issued McLean, 1988).
  • Gloucestershire Friends (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1917).
  • Ducks and other Verses (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1919).
  • Comrades in Captivity: a Record of Life in Seven German prison Camps (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1920) (War Memoirs).
  • Farewell (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1921).
  • September and Other Poems (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1925).
  • In Pillowell Woods (Frank Harris, 1926).
  • Forest Offering (Frank Green).
  • Gloucestershire: A Selection from the Poems of F.W. Harvey (Oliver & Boyd 1947).
  • The Augustan Books of Modern Poetry – Frederick William Harvey (Editor: Edward Thompson. London: Ernest Benn Ltd (1926)).  This series comprised over thirty slender volumes and included some of the most eminent poets of the day; that a volume was given over to F.W. Harvey is proof of his literary standing during his lifetime.

Harvey’s poems feature in many collected works

In 1983 Forest Books published a volume of collected poems. This work has recently been republished and carries details of the society:

Collected Poems 1912 – 1957 (McLean, 2009).


  • Boden, Anthony, F.W. Harvey, Soldier, Poet – New Edition ((Phillimore & Co. Ltd., 2016) An ebook is also available
  • Boden, Anthony, F.W. Harvey, Soldier, Poet – (Doug McLean Publishing, 2011).
  • Boden, Anthony, F.W. Harvey, Soldier, Poet (Stroud: Sutton, 1988).
  • Townsend, Frances, The Laureate of Gloucestershire (Bristol: Redcliffe Press, 1988).
  • Davies, Ross, F W Harvey: Poet of Remembrance (London: The War Poets Series. Cecil Woolf Publishers, 2009. ISBN 978-1-897967-96-6).

Will Harvey is described in:

  • Clark, Leonard, A Fool in the Forest (Dobson, 1965).
  • Waters, Brian, The Forest of Dean (J.M. Dent, 1951).
  • Tandy, Bill, A Doctor in the Forest (McLean, 1978). (Last chapter ‘The Bugler of the Old Contemptibles’ dedicated to Will Harvey.)

In addition, there are references to Harvey in various works on his contemporary, Ivor Gurney, Will’s great friend.

A number of Harvey’s poems were set to music by Ivor Gurney and Herbert Howells. See Musical Settings of Poems


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